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    High efficiency and energy saving mechanical seal lapping machine?

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    Mechanical seal grinding machine by flange, gland, activity washer, the regulating handle, positioning plate, the static and dynamic grinding, flange II grinding, transmission propeller, cooling water circulation system, mechanical seal, mechanical seal flush device, motor and adjusting plate, shell, in cleaning device, base composition, flush on mechanical seal device is located in the main shaft, mechanical seal mechanical seal device is located in the flush ends; In mechanical seal flush external cooling water circulation system, and a conveyor at the connection; Dynamic grinding in the other end of the conveyor, moving grinding into cone; Match the static grinding and grinding, static grinding made corresponding conical; Activity washer is located in the static grinding back and adjust the front plate, abrasion resistant, corrosion resistant and difficult to deformation, adjust the dexterity, good stability, high precision, simple operation, high efficiency and energy saving.

    The bottom of the vertical cylinder of the cylinder body or one of the piston rod is installed on the fixed plate, the another is installed in the configuration on the fixed plate at the bottom of the mobile plate. Guide or guide in one installation at the side of the moving plate, the another is installed on the outer surface of cylinder body, at the same time, guide Taiwan through ball relative to the guide to the state of the rolling friction is vertically oriented. In the cylinder, with the aid of metal seal piston and piston rod of the peripheral wall and the structure of the cylinder body wall set very low coefficient of friction between, at the same time using the ball bushing can be free in a wide range to support the piston rod. Grinding machine is installed on the mobile plate, by adjusting the divided by the piston and cylinder indoor air pressure, adjust the grinding machine on the grinding material and clamping force.