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    Ceramic surface grinding machine is how automation?

    The release date:[2016-08-29]     Click rate:

    With new structure of ceramic surface grinding machine, ceramic core is connected on the rotating cylinder, insert core tremie pipe installed on the mounting plate and the corresponding to the rotating cylinder; Mounting plate on the other side also set Y coupling connection of servo motor, Y a swing arm shaft coupling, swing arm end set feeding gas claw and the feed gas of claws, feeding on gas claw lifter rod connection Settings.

    Ceramic insert core after blanking plug core tube into the rotary cylinder, then rotate 90 ° rotating cylinder, make ceramic insert core level inside the rotating cylinder; Then, rotary swing arm when feeding gas claw and rotating cylinder located on the same plane, the swing arm to stop the rotation, and then the top material cylinder, insert the ceramic core lifter cylinder ejector into the feeding air claw. The utility model has simple structure, high automation degree and save resources.