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    When BCS-SM450 grinding machine works, the grinding disc fixedly rotates at variable speed, the workpiece holder rotates constantly at a high speed, the workpiece clamp head can be lifted up and down, and the grinding head is provided with a diamond wheel for cylindrical grinding of workpiece made from different materials. It is mainly applicable to glass and other nonmetal elements.

    Maximum Grinding Diameter mm50-200
    Minimum Thickness of Workpiece mm2
    Roughness Ra0.8
    Thickness Deviation mm±0.05
    Diamond WheelDiameter mm450
    Grinding Wheel Granularity (Mo)80-100
    Speed r/min1200
    Motor kw2.2
    Worktable 600
    Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) mm700*750*1200
    Weight kg2200