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    BCM-DM610 Double

    The release date:[2016-08-30]     Click rate:

    When BCM-DM610 grinding machine works, the grinding head fixedly rotates at variable speed, the worktable rotates constantly at a low speed, the grinding head can be lifted up and down, and the turbine shaft drives. The whole machine is a high-precision cast iron structure and is provided with a diamond wheel at the grinding head for plane grinding of various workpieces.

    The motor is expanded to 4KW, flat guides for the worktable are replaced with rolling guides, the grinding head can be lifted up and down electrically or manually, and a counterweight is further provided for lifting, making operation easily and conveniently. The machine is the most suitable for grinding of superhard materials, such as coarse processing of cemented carbide, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide ceramics, etc.

    Maximum Grinding Diameter mm125
    Minimum Thickness of Workpiece mm1.5
    Workpiece Processing PrecisionFlatness mm≤0.03
    Roughness Ra0.8
    Thickness Deviation mm±0.05
    Diamond WheelDiameter mm180
    Grinding Wheel Granularity (Mo)80-100
    Speed r/min1450
    Motor kw3*2
    WorktableDiameter mm610
    Speed r/min1/4,1/7,1/10
    Motor kw0.55
    Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) mm1650*750*1200
    Weight kg2200