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    High-precision Double-sided Repairable Grinding Machine (Gantry Type)


    It is mainly suitable for double-sided grinding and polishing of ultrahigh precision parts, as well as high-flatness and high-parallelism double-sided precision grinding and polishing of optical crystal material, silicon wafer, gallium arsenide wafers, blade, metal elements, quartz and other hard and brittle materials.


    1. The grinding machine is an ultrahigh precision grinding device, in which upper grinding disc and lower grinding disc rotate to opposite directions, and workpiece in carrier makes planetary movement at revolution and rotation. It has small grinding resistance against workpiece, uniform grinding on two faces and high production efficiency.

    2. The finishing mechanism of the grinding disc makes reciprocating movements forth and back by virtue of oil pressure suspension guides, when diamond cutters are able to finish the face of the grinding disc. (Optional)


    1. Upper and lower grinding discs can automatically finish.

    2. By adopting four motors for synchronous drive, it achieves wider variable speed range, higher movement precision and faster response, can meet the technical requirements of different materials, and realize soft start and stop, stable speed control and small impact.

    3. The grinding machine is provided with a grating thickness control system which can control the thickness tolerance of finished products at ±0.002mm, parallelism at 0.002mm and flatness at 0.002mm. (Optional)

    Grinding Disc (OD*ID)OD380mm*ID140mm*12tOD610mm*ID200mm*12tOD900mm*ID240mm*12t
    Maximum Workpiece SizeDia.100mmDia.180mmDia.280mm
    Workpiece Flatness (25mm)<±0.2u<±0.2u<±0.2u
    Workpiece Parallelism (25mm)<±0.2u<±0.2u<±0.2u
    Workpiece Roughness<0.4nm<0.4nm<0.4nm
    Finished Grinding Disc Parallelism<±0.1u<±0.2u<±0.2u
    Specification of Planetary WheelDia.140mmDia.235mmDia.300mm