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    Hello, welcome to visitWenzhou Baicheng Grinding Machinery Co., Ltd.The official website!

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    The equipment is an all cast iron structure matched with pneumatic pressure. After to-be-grinded products arranged on the grinding disc, the grinding disc rotates anticlockwise, when workpiece rotates automatically and is pressurized by gravity to make counterrotating friction against the grinding disc for the purpose of grinding.


    The grinding machine is one precision grinding and polishing device, to-be-grinded/polished materials are placed on the grinding disc which rotates anticlockwise, and workpiece is driven by a correction wheel to automatically rotate and pressed by gravity to make counterrotating friction against the grinding wheel for the purpose of grinding.

    The finishing mechanism of the grinding disc makes reciprocating movements forth and back by virtue of oil pressure suspension guides, when diamond cutters are able to finish the grinding face of the grinding disc precisely, thereby, ideal plane effect is achievable.

    The pressurization of cylinder makes pressure adjustable, and the free extension of stop collar lets the grinding disc be abraded at fixed points, protecting it from deforming and discarding as useless.

    Grinding: The recycling grinding liquid is contributing to cost reduction and no damages to workpiece

    Polishing: An intermittent automatic liquid jet device is available for free setting of jet spacing intervals, making grinding liquid used more fully with little waste


    It is suitable for monoplane grinding and polishing of various sealing elements, ceramic wafers, piston rings, oil pump vanes, silicon, quartz crystal, sapphire, optical crystal, plastic products, cemented carbide, stainless steel, powder metallurgy, etc.

    Specifications of High-precision Double-sided Grinding Machine

    Grinding Disc (OD * ID)1200*45
    Maximum Workpiece Size440mm
    Number of Planetary Wheel3
    Rotational Speed of Lower Grinding Disc0-60rpm
    Maximum Power7.5KW
    Overall Dimensions1800*1530*1500mm