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    Hello, welcome to visitWenzhou Baicheng Grinding Machinery Co., Ltd.The official website!

    Relationship between:15968754247

    About Us

    Contact Us

    add:NO.31 Shunzhan Road,industrial Area,Ouhai Zone,Wenzhou

    The current position:homeenterprise culture enterprise culture

    The sincere purpose

    Let employees to value To create wealth for the society

    Cities, strenuous enterprising, efforts to make enterprise industry first-class, first-class enterprise.

    With first-class enterprise performance, with first-class enterprise, the dedication of return the social from all walks of life love, return national concern.

    Cities motto

    The sincere man Honesty is day

    Employees have sincere to produce first-class products

    Management believed responsible for employees, responsible to the shareholders

    Believed responsible for society, enterprises, social returns

    The sincere spirit

    The pursuit of endless

    , it is best if the person is in enterprise development, the real meaning of the process of hone summed up.

    Do enterprise is the nature of the stream, not to advance is to go back, there is no limit to the pursuit of the best sincere people.

    Development goals

    Do domestic grinding machinery industry pacesetter

    , a truly unique culture, cultivating cities become domestic grinding machinery industry leading technology companies.

    Marketing concept

    We sell our services

    , user's satisfaction is our happiness

    The needs of users is our yearning

    , the user's praise is our pride

    The criticism of users is our motivation

    User complaints is our shame

    The difficulty of the user is our responsibility

    Management policy

    To survive the competition innovation for development

    , enterprise's primary is competition, enterprises to seek survival in a competitive environment.

    Management tenet

    Men, material and money to the best of its value and do all it can

    Human, financial, its greatest impact is, in line with the best sincere hard working, engaged in traditional manufacturing precision management thoughts

    Employee creed

    In post to realize the value of life, if employees to achieve business goals and realize their own value as 2 for one, is to show the meaning of life in the work, reflect the values of life.