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    Hello, welcome to visitWenzhou Baicheng Grinding Machinery Co., Ltd.The official website!

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    add:NO.31 Shunzhan Road,industrial Area,Ouhai Zone,Wenzhou

    The current position:homeCompany introduction Company introduction

    Wenzhou Baicheng Grinding Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in February 2007, produces double-sided surface grinding machines, surface polishing machines, ultrasonic cleaning machines, etc. Now, our company is located at No. 31, Shunzhan Road, Cihu Industrial Park, Ouhai District, Wenzhou, with an area of 3,000 m2 and a construction area of 4,200 m2. Now, we have fixed assets of RMB 5 million, over 50 sets of finish machining and experiment equipment and more than 30 employees including 18 intermediate and senior technical personnel. Our annual turnover reaches RMB 12 million.

    Our main products are: BCY-2M610S series CNC double-sided grinding machines, BCP-DM610EA series surface polishing machines, BCP-DM61EB series surface polishing machines, BCYM series ultrasonic cleaning machines, BCY-ZM610T series speed-control double-sided grinding machines, BCM- DM610 series diamond surface grinding machines and grinding machine parts (such as agitators, grinding plate measurement platforms, electric liquid adding and circulation barrels and surface crystal flat detectors). Our newly developed products contain BCP-DM610EAT series pneumatic self-lift surface grinding and polishing machines and other 11 series products. One of which has applied for "national patent". Besides, we have won various provincial technology certificates. Our products are widely used in electroplating, electronics, hardware, automotive, aerospace, defense weapons, clocks, glass products, chemical fiber, medical devices, liquid crystal optical, jewelry, bearings, ceramics, plastics and other industries for the surface grinding and polishing of mechanical seal rings, ceramic abrasive disks, ceramic valve ceramic seals, cylinder piston rings, oil pump blades, silicon, germanium, copper, aluminum, quartz crystal, glass, sapphire, engineering plastics and decorative hardware workpieces. Our products occupy a certain market share in China and enjoy a rather high reputation.

    Since the establishment, we have always taken customer demand and customer satisfaction as our responsibility and controlled product quality well. From the procurement of components and raw materials to delivery, we set up 38 quality control points and implement comprehensive quality inspection. We passed the certification of ISO9001 in May 2007 and the certification of CE in July 2008, which ensures our brand benefits and lays us a solid foundation for export. We have been recognized and trusted by customers.

    “Have Employees Realize Their Value, Create Wealth for the Society” is Baicheng people’s business tenet. Baicheng people will work harder for China grinding machine industry’s further development. Welcome to cooperate with us!